Pastoral Staff

Dom Ndue Gjergji


In 1997, Fr. Ndue Gjergji was appointed by Archbishop Adam Maida as pastor of Our Lady of Albanians. He has faithfully served the community ever since.

We would like to give special thanks to all of the priests and religious who have offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the community of Our Lady of Albanians. Special thanks go out to: Kardinal Ernest Simoni, Imzot Rrok Mirdita, Imzot Dode Gjergji, Imzot Antonio Belucsi, Msgr. Lush Gjergji, Dom Anton Kcira, Dom Fred Kalaj, Dom Gjergj Gjergji, Dom Gjovalin Simoni, Fra Gjon Kalaj, Dom Preke Lazri, Dom Marjan Uka, and many more.