Welcome to Our Lady of Albanians!

Our History

Our Lady of Albanians originally opened in June of 1977, with Dom Prek Ndervashaj as its pastor. Dom Prek Ndervashaj was actually the first priest to offer Mass in the Albanian language for the Albanian Catholic community here in Michigan. The parish initially began with 200 families, but would eventually grow into the epicenter of Albanian cultural activity. Here, the faithful would gather around to celebrate various festivities such as Flag Day; and as of late, the Festival of Albanian Culture and Tradition. Our current pastor, Dom Ndue Gjergji, firmly believes that by engaging the community through various cultural activities, that it gives us the opportunity to draw people closer to the Church.


Our old parish


Our Mission

Despite being a relatively new parish, Our Lady of Albanians has become the center of religious, cultural, and social activity in very short time. Here we offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, confer baptisms, witness marriages, perform funeral ceremonies, and provide many other services. Our mission is to ultimately fulfill the spiritual needs of the Albanian Catholic community here in Michigan.